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Dora Lewis




Based in a small South Westerly mining town of Redruth in Cornwall, the Redruth Amateur Musical Pantomime Society or more affectionately known as RAMPS was formed back in 1994. Even though we are still considered by all accounts a young(ish) society, through our membership we have a wealth of theatre and stage experience.

Mainly known for our pantomimes which have accrued quite the following in and around the South West of Cornwall, RAMPS have also performed some great shows and musicals as well. From the all time classics like Annie, Oliver, Me and My Girl, Carousel to the newer shows like Copacabana, The Producers and Shrek.

Our first production was the family favourite Mother Goose performed in the Regal Theatre and we are still here today entertaining and delighting audiences and performing at the same Regal Theatre which we very much love and call our home.
Behind every great show is a huge team of people that makes the magic happen. Not only do the cast give their all in what they do but the crew as well. The wardrobe, wigs, make up, lighting, sound, set crew, backstage crew, chaperones, administration, transportation and rehearsal coffee makers, all put in 100 percent and more to make what we perform on stage, something quite magical and memorable.

Our door is always open to those who love everything theatre. We are a funny friendly group and would warmly welcome in dancers, singers and actors, also just as important are the hammerers, builders, painters, lifters, seamsters, chaperones and tea makers.