“Cinderella” 2012

Please enjoy the few photos we have of this show. If you were involed with this show we’d love to hear from you so we can provide some further information.

Cast List

“Cinderella”  –  Claire

“Prince”  –

“Buttons”  –  Andy Christophers

“Danni”  –  Peter Fellows

“Kylie”  –  Rob Mitchell

“Poppy”  –  Leanne Gray

“Baron Hardup”   –  Mark Exell

“Baroness Hardup”  –  Adele Peters-Float

“Dandini”  –  Sarah Keitch

“Fairy Godmother”  –  Diane Wallen

“Cash”  –  Reg D’Souza

“Carry” –  Shaun Hosking